In case you’re wondering…

My name is Hannah. My close pals call me “Han” or “best thing that’s ever happened to them”. I am a sophomore at The University of Toledo, studying pre-dental. I could go on and bore you to death with the basics; however, this is going to be different. Here, I’ll post what I want, when I want. Posting 26 pictures of myself on Instagram (which is hnkthln in case you were wondering,) making the same facial expression but switching up the angle- doesn’t sound all that great. Here, I still won’t do that BUT it’s the thought that counts. I am currently on a journey to loving myself, and becoming my own hero. “This blog is dumb, I’m gonna exit this now.” -says you. This is a BIG deal. Loving yourself is a BIG deal. Learning not to care about what other people think is a BIG deal. So, whether you’re reading my nonsense-get ready for the craziest ride of your life. I am a mix of problems, worst-ever luck having, meltdowns when people tell me no, taking everything 5 steps too far, overthinking everything, underestimating myself, etc. You’re going to know me a lot more than you think you do.


Gotta blast,

Han ๐Ÿ™‚




One thought on “In case you’re wondering…

  1. Mark Lanesbury says:

    Everyone will one day touch this understanding of self love, finally cancelling out the fears and negativity from their lives, and realising the truth of their journey ๐Ÿ˜€
    Our fears are the walls we build to that self love, the conditions we must go through to finally become the unconditional love that is gently waiting inside for us all โค

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