10/12/17: Spending Money and the Holiday-Season Countdown

Thursday’s are my favorite day. It’s my catch up day for homework and cleaning, it’s payday, and also a day I like to dedicate towards friends.

Claire is my best friend. We are two peas in a pod, and if it wasn’t for her, I’d be a complete weirdo. After completing today’s homework, Claire came over. “What do you want to do today?” Is usually the first thing out of her mouth. (Claire is “cuffed” now, so I don’t get to see her as much as I used to) This being said, it usually calls for an adventure when we’re together: One time, we went to Target for a calculator, and two hours later we walked out with $150 worth of things. We leave and head towards the mall. Did I mention today was payday? Originally, I didn’t plan on buying anything. Things change when you have money in your wallet, and you’re tempted to buy EVERYTHING just because you can. First, Aerie was having a 7 for $29 sale so…I snagged those. Then, Forever 21 was having a $6 scarf deal. We also checked out a new store called Altar’D State. (The D is backwards on their logo) I walked out with some new items, as did Claire, then we journeyed towards Nick and Jimmy’s. After our late lunch, I headed back home to do some things around the house, and get ready for a conference call with a professor. When that was over, I got to do my most favorite thing ever: Watch Hulu. I love all different types of shows, my favorites include: Bob’s Burger, Rick and Morty, Long Island Medium, Grey’s Anatomy, TWD, and more! I’m not too big on cable even though my apartment complex provides it. (I just hate commercials! 😡 )



Of course, Halloween starts it off with a spooky bang! With only 19 days to go, I have yet to get my Halloween costume. I don’t know what I’m doing yet; however, I’m still so excited! I’ve narrowed it down to Wonder Woman, or Vanellope von Schweetz. (Currently trying to talk Ethan into being Wreck-It Ralph, so we’ll see how that goes!) I can’t wait to stuff my face with candy, but for now, I’ll be buying the sale candy at Target!!

Next in line, 42 more days til Thanksgiving, and I have never been so ready to stuff my face with ham (because I don’t like turkey), stuffing, perogies (I’m polish), and potatoes, potatoes, and MORE potatoes!!

Then, 74 days until Christmas. This is the first time I’m not living at home for Christmas. That being said, my apartment is going to be COVERED in Christmas. I can’t wait to get my first Christmas tree with E, and go all out on decorations. My inner elf is freaking out! I am too happy!

Finally- 80 days until New Year’s Eve, and 81 until 2018!!! If you were anything like me as a kid, I totally thought the world was going to end in 2012. Nelly made a song about it, so it HAD to happen… Right? Wrong! Unless this is what the afterlife is like, we are all alive and breathing and going right in to 2018!

Can’t wait to share some holiday traditions with you guys in the near future!!! Thanks for the AWESOME 329 views yesterday! That’s a HUGE difference from my first blog post. I really like summing up my day, and writing about what’s on my mind. Thank you for giving me an audience to write to. You guys ROCK!

Thanks again,







10/11/17: Existential Crisis and Chamomile Tea

What happens to us after we die? Is there a heaven or hell we are sent to? Do we turn into ghosts? Where are we, anyways? Is the giant rock we’re on sending us anywhere? Why are we here? What even are we? Aliens? What’s the point of all of this?

I’ve been suffering through an existential crisis today. With nobody coming in to my work, and nothing but silence and time to think, there is one thing I know for sure: These questions are driving me crazy. I talked to my therapist once, about being afraid to die, and she said not to worry about something I cannot control. I cannot control that I am on this planet, I cannot control what happens to me on this planet/to the planet, but what I can control are my connections to this earth and the people i come across every day. A friend messaged me today and told me how important these connections are-I instantly felt relief. When I got home, I decided to look up other ways to cope with not knowing anything. If you feel yourself losing your handle on reality, and experiencing an existential crisis – these are for you.

  1. Be aware you’re having an existential crisis. Admitting something is the first step to recovering, or something like that, right?
  2. Add meaning to your life! What makes you happy? What are you passionate about?
  3. The Last Messiah Method: Isolate the bad thoughts, ground yourself to earthly elements, distraction, and direct your negative thoughts towards positive activities.

    We cannot change the things we cannot control, but we can change how we feel about them. At least we are all in this together…

Chamomile Tea: an infusion of dried flowers of sweet chamomile, that just so happens to put me to sleep.

I have been really big on adding natural, therapeutic, earthly things to my lifestyle. For my birthday, E bought me an Aromatherapy Diffuser. I love it! (click here for similar one I found on amazon) If you ever find yourself stressed out or overwhelmed, sick, anxious, etc., a diffuser should be your go to! I have tons of different oils: lavender, eucalyptus, tea-tree, and even picked up a new one today called “Cheer up, Buttercup” from GNC. It presents an uplifting aura, and provides the “you got this” mentality. It’s currently going behind me, and I’m obsessed with the smell.

Also, just a quick thank you to you guys. Since posting my FIRST blog post yesterday, my site has already had 230+ viewers and several people have messaged me about how much they like it. Maybe it’s just my friends hyping me up, but still….. Thanks so much!!!!

Hantober…. OUT



Hey Hannerz! (That’s what I would call my fans if I were famous) Maybe it’ll be something better next time.

I am not that great at making decisions. See that blog title? Yeah, that was changed a good 4 times. I spend a lot of time pondering my decision and changing my mind before coming up with a solution that I would probably change a couple more times. My mind is so weird, I am SO indecisive. What do I want from Starbucks? Gimme 5 days then get back to me. What do I want to do Saturday night? Not sure yet, ask me next Christmas. (I really hope I’m not the only one who does that”

Image result for indecisive quotes

Today, well, was a day. I did a lot of homework that I didn’t feel like doing yesterday. I went to Jamba Juice and tried their AMAZING Island Energy Bowl. I will totally be trying to make my own version from scratch. I worked 2-6, which sucked considering it was my day off, but more money on my paycheck so no worries. I went and got some BDubs to surprise E with, watched some Big Mouth on Netflix, did some more homework, and now I’m here. Writing to an audience of no one.

If you stayed for the entire post, here is a gift to you:

In the sixth grade, I was walking in the hallway and stopped to talk to a favorite teacher of mine. My pants, because I was so tiny, decided to slip off of me in front of everyone. My pants fell OFF OF MY BODY. NO ONE EVER LET ME LIVE THAT DOWN. I didn’t even notice at first-It was HORRIBLE. It got brought up at my graduation party, and I’ve never felt more embarrassed.

Have a Han-tastic day!



In case you’re wondering…

My name is Hannah. My close pals call me “Han” or “best thing that’s ever happened to them”. I am a sophomore at The University of Toledo, studying pre-dental. I could go on and bore you to death with the basics; however, this is going to be different. Here, I’ll post what I want, when I want. Posting 26 pictures of myself on Instagram (which is hnkthln in case you were wondering,) making the same facial expression but switching up the angle- doesn’t sound all that great. Here, I still won’t do that BUT it’s the thought that counts. I am currently on a journey to loving myself, and becoming my own hero. “This blog is dumb, I’m gonna exit this now.” -says you. This is a BIG deal. Loving yourself is a BIG deal. Learning not to care about what other people think is a BIG deal. So, whether you’re reading my nonsense-get ready for the craziest ride of your life. I am a mix of problems, worst-ever luck having, meltdowns when people tell me no, taking everything 5 steps too far, overthinking everything, underestimating myself, etc. You’re going to know me a lot more than you think you do.


Gotta blast,

Han 🙂